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Fan Fiction

Last Updated October 13, 2006:
    143 stories

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Fan Fiction Stories

Welcome to the fanfiction library of Jedi Buttercup. I wrote my very first word of fanfic in March of 2002, and have been writing steadily ever since. Enjoy! And please, remember, feedback is the coin of the realm.

Fic new (or newly updated) within the last month will be highlighted in red. See list of links at the left to jump to a particular section.

Crossovers (B:tVS/TV)

A Myriad of Lives
A:tS, SG-1. Wesley had been looking forward to this day ever since he'd realized that Daniel's claims to have traveled in time were more than just the product of a deranged mind. 4000 words.

An Unexpected Gift
A:tS/SG-1. A certain package meant for Angel ends up on Daniel Jackson's desk instead. 9100 words.

Annual Report
B:tVS, Firefly. Five hundred years later, and Faith's still breaking in new Watchers.
450 words.

Being Inside Joy & Left Behind
B:tVS, Star Trek. Glory's portal sent Buffy to a place outside of time called the Nexus. 500+900 words.

Book's Legacy (WIP)
Firefly/Serenity. Mal recieves a mysterious package, leading the crew of Serenity on a voyage of discovery. Into every generation...

Can I Keep You? & Fresh Start
B:tVS, Stargate SG-1. After killing Angel, Buffy runs to Los Angeles... but she doesn't stay there.

Considering the Evidence
CSI, B:tVS. Drabble. Willow's spell messed with a *lot* of lives. Post-"Chosen".

Do You Know What Your Sin Is?
B:tVS/A:tS, Firefly. The Operative runs into a spot of trouble in his quest to recover River. 200 words.

Gently Down the Stream
B:tVS, Stargate SG-1. Jack is treated to some of Dawn's musical repertoire. Double drabble.

Goddess of Prophecy
B:tVS, Stargate SG-1. Buffy faces a difficult choice: accept her third death, or take the Tok'ra up on their offer. 1750 words.

Grave Survivors (WIP)
B:tVS, CSI. Nick Stokes isn't the only one who's ever awakened six feet underground. Ficlet series.

Hok Tau'ri (WIP)
SG-1, B:tVS. Past Slayers have questioned the true source of their power. None of them had the resources available to Samantha Carter, USAF.

Inexplicably Chosen
SG-1, B:tVS. Drabble. Willow's spell messed with a *lot* of lives. Post-"Chosen".

Jie Jie
B:tVS, Firefly. River returns to the Academy at the head of a new Independent Army. 750 words.

Just Folk Now
B:tVS, Firefly, SG-1. Four of Serenity's crew mourn their fallen and reminisce about their pasts. Double drabble.

Linguistic Exchanges
B:tVS, ST:TNG. Faith and Data explore the merits of metaphorical conversation. 400 words.

Man in the Foundation
B:tVS, Bones. Booth and Brennan are the bearers of bad news. 400 words.

Minor Player
B:tVS, SG-1. Walter opened the letter from his other employer with a pensive frown. Double drabble.

A:tS, SG-1. A mercy mission gone wrong becomes an unusual first contact experience for Daniel Jackson. 4100 words.

Mr. Pointy
B:tVS, Firefly. Jayne gets into a weapon-comparing contest with Serenity's newest passenger. 300 words.

Objects in Space
B:tVS, A:tS, ST:TNG. 1000 words. Warning: Objects in the viewscreen may be stranger than they appear.

Of the Wolf, Ram and Hart
A:tS, Firefly. Mal woke up slowly, blinking as he recognized the familiar ceiling of Serenity's med bay floating above him. 1150 words.

Pain Halved
B:tVS, SG-1. 440 words. An old friend calls Joyce in need of a shoulder to cry on.

Ring of the Gods & A New Challenge & The Queen Stands Alone
B:tVS, SG-1. Buffy goes searching for a new Slayer and finds much, much more. 700+1000+700 words.

B:tVS, Firefly. Saffron's past catches up to her. Buffy helps it along. 1700 words.

Smoke and Flame (WIP)
B:tVS, A:tS, SG-1. A short series of ficlets in which the Powers That Be and their allies prepare for what the SGC has unleashed.

Stalking Rodney
B:tVS, SG-1. Buffy's eyes twinkled, inviting him in on the joke, but Daniel still wasn't quite sure where she was going with this. 600 words. An "Ugly Black Dress" story.

The Road More Travelled
B:tVS, CSI. Joyce makes a decision. 300 words.

Theft Report
B:tVS, SG-1. 750 words. Sufficiently advanced technology makes an appearance at the Magic Box.

There's No Place Like Valos Cor
B:tVS, SG-1. Xander arrives at the SGC bearing gifts. 3500 words.

Trade Goods
A:tS, Firefly. Wesley tried not to laugh as he watched the crew react to the treat with suspicion. Double drabble.

Ugly Black Dress
B:tVS, SG-1. A series of 200-word challenge-response drabbles about a relationship between the frequently dead.

Uncle John (WIP)
B:tVS, SG Atlantis. John Sheppard discovers family he never knew he had. Ficlet series.

Crossovers (B:tVS/Movies)

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat & Arcana
B:tVS, Boondock Saints. Buffy has never had a boyfriend whose hands were free of blood. 700+750 words.

Beautiful (WIP)
B:tVS, Pitch Black. Richard B. Riddick meets Buffy, erstwhile Vampire Slayer. Series.

Blessed Interference
B:tVS, Boondock Saints. Buffy isn't the only avatar of righteousness with a claim against Caleb. 1100 words.

Clean Up
B:tVS, Slither. Buffy arrives in Wheelsy, South Carolina, and encounters a Sheriff with a distressingly familiar face. 800 words.

Complicating the Process & Childe of Dracula
B:tVS, Dracula 2000. Not every new Slayer was entirely human to start with.
800+200 words.

Daughter of Sekhmet
B:tVS, The Mummy Returns. 1600 words. Not all of the new Slayers necessarily need to be found.

Diverted Destiny
B:tVS, Star Wars. 1500 words. The death of Emperor Palpatine creates a vast disturbance in the Force, and a certain Jedi is unexpectedly caught up in the backwash.

El Gato de São Paolo
B:tVS, The Rundown. Buffy and Willow dine out in São Paolo and encounter a very unusual chef. 600 words.

B:tVS, Jurassic Park. Buffy stops by a paleontological dig at Fort Peck Lake, Montana.
4 x 200 words.

Fallen Behind
B:tVS, PotC:DMC. Buffy and Faith make an unexpected acquaintance aboard The Flying Dutchman. 1200 words.

Handle ID Slayer
B:tVS, DOOM. Buffy goes along for the ride to Olduvai Station. 8400 words.

Hands Against the Dark
B:tVS, Van Helsing. The Left Hand of God and the Hand of Sineya face new challenges together. 3400 words.

B:tVS, Unbreakable. Not all heroes are destined to get along with one another. 400 words.

Inherited Business
B:tVS, Batman Begins. 850 words. Bruce Wayne oversees new construction at the mansion.

Jar of Dirt
B:tVS, PotC:DMC. It wasn't the first thing Buffy would think of if she saw an art gallery advertising pirate plunder. Double drabble.

Model Girl
B:tVS, Ice Princess. Buffy encounters a strangely familiar face. 500 words.

Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer (WIP)
B:tVS, ID4. Another way the Slayer might have ended up in Sunnydale, and what might have come after. Ficlet series.

Offensive Driving
B:tVS, Dukes of Hazzard. 500 words. The Summers girls have a close encounter with the General Lee.

Respecting the Enemy
B:tVS, Lake Placid. Buffy takes the baby Slayers on a tour of natural predators. 700 words. (Same universe as Return to Lake Placid).

Return to Lake Placid
B:tVS, Lake Placid. 650 words. A new Slayer returns to the site of previous adventure.

Scroll of the Ultimate
B:tVS, Bulletproof Monk. 500 words. Giles discusses a prophecy.

A:tS, Constantine. Angel has a perplexing encounter with another infamous resident of L.A. 400 words.

Temporal Anomaly
B:tVS, The Lake House. Whoever enchanted it must have had a reason. 200 words.

Ten Things that Never Happened to Buffy Summers
Ten drabbles, ten crossovers, one character. Challenge fic. 1000 words.

Ten More Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers
Ten more drabbles, ten more crossovers, same character. Challenge fic. 1000 words.

Ten Additional Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers
Ten added drabbles, ten added crossovers, same character. Challenge fic. 1000 words.

The Day After the Apocalypse
A:tS, The Day After Tomorrow. This is the way Wesley's world ends: not with a stab, but a shiver. 100 words.

The Last Big Hurrah
B:tVS, X-Men. Xander comes up with an unorthodox plan for defeating the First. 900 words.

The Reaper Cometh
B:tVS, DOOM, Firefly. Knowledge can't be unknown once it's discovered, not until every sentient being that carries it is dead. Sequel to Handle ID Slayer. 750 words.

Crossovers (B:tVS/Books)

A Real Wizard
A:tS, Harry Potter. Wesley takes his own advice: the key to success is preparation. 850 words.

Brave New World
B:tVS, LotR. Frodo made an unwise wish; D'Hoffryn was listening. 800 words.

Disposable Heroes
B:tVS, LotR. Jenny Calendar is offered a new job after her death, one that brings her into contact with other heroes who never lived to see their efforts bear fruit.
1500 words.

Lost and Found
B:tVS, Harry Potter. The locket discovered in the Black House finds a new owner, courtesy of Mundungus Fletcher. 700 words.

Mansfield Slayer
B:tVS, Mansfield Park. Buffy's cookies are done, and she has some questions for her Watchers. 1600 words.

One Who Wandered
B:tVS, LotR. Warren accidentally succeeds in ridding Sunnydale of the Slayer. Elrond deals with the fallout. 1200 words.

Paper Legacy & Papered Over
B:tVS, Pride and Prejudice. Dawn remembers another William and allows herself to grieve. Later, she makes an unexpected discovery. 500+200 words.

Slow Thunder
B:tVS, LotR. She had never really paid that much attention to her first Watcher's claims of reincarnation, but every so often something like this would crop up. 700 words

Special Delivery
A:tS, Harry Potter. Illyria's trip to England is interrupted by unexpected, wandwaving interference. Post-HBP; 800 words.

Ten Visitors Arda Never Had
B:tVS, LotR. One crossover, ten drabbles, ten characters. Challenge fic. 1000 words.

The Edge of a Knife (WIP)
A:tS, LotR. Much that once was, was lost when Sauron acquired the Ring. Illyria intends to correct that mistake. Ficlet series.

There Is Still Hope
B:tVS, LotR. Not all Buffy's dreams are of death or impending doom. 200 words.

Unexpected Connections
B:tVS/A:tS, Harry Potter. 750 words. Neville acquires a new guardian.

Crossovers  (Non-B:tVS)

An Additional Concern
SG-1, Godzilla. Daniel recommends a scientist to the Stargate Project. 700 words.

Blood Spatter
CSI, Pitch Black. A team of investigators sent by Alliance Shipping investigates the crash of the Hunter-Grazner. 500 words.

By Any Other Name
Firefly, Jurassic Park. Wash had had enough excitement that weekend to last him an entire lifetime. 600 words.

Classified Information
SG-1, ST:TOS. Triple-drabble. The Enterprise makes a perplexing discovery.

SG-1, Pitch Black. The team steps through the Gate onto a world with three suns. It does not go well. ~14,000 words.

Energy Field
SG Atlantis, Star Wars. Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a conversation took place...

Harry Potter and the Book of Amun Ra
600 words. Voldemort isn't the first resurrected horror to need killing ...

Firefly, PotC:DMC. Mal finds his heading. 300 words

Here, at the End of All Things
SG-1, Terminator III. 1400 words. A conversation at the end of the world.

Möbius Man & Desert Dreams
SG-1, Highlander. SG-1's attempt at meddling in time had more consequences than were at first apparent... 2000+1200 words.

Strangely Comfortable
Firefly, Boondock Saints fusion. The crew of Serenity rescue a shipload of students from River's Academy. Connor and Murphy McManus are among them. 5x500 words.

The V in River
Firefly, V for Vendetta. River chooses not to turn the other cheek. 800 words.

Third Life's the Charm
HP, SG-Atlantis. 500 words. Harry Potter may have left the Wizarding World behind, but his life will never be normal.

Where It Began
SG-1, The Mummy. 800 words. Ever wonder why Daniel was so sure the Egyptians didn't build the pyramids?

Standalone (Non-B:tVS)

All That Matters
Firefly/Serenity. Zoë doesn't ask. She doesn't need to. Double drabble.

At Last
The Lake House. The two years spent waiting after Kate's last letter were the longest of Alex's life. 1300 words.

Carrying Tales
Pirates of the Caribbean. It was pleasant to be missed when he was gone, and to have someone hang on every word of his adventures at sea. 1000 words.

Down from the Door
Firefly/Serenity. Roads ain't never as straightforward as they look. 750 words.

Fishing for Compliments
Firefly/Serenity. Simon screws up, and Kaylee gets a chance to see the softer side of Jayne. 2300 words.

Harry Potter and the Festival of Light
1600 words. Harry stumbles into an American SCA event ...

Stargate SG-1/Atlantis. Colonel Carter and Dr. Weir converse over blue jello.
1000 words.

Not One to Settle
Firefly/Serenity. Fourteen months after Miranda, things still aren't running smooth for the crew of Serenity. 2300 words.

Soon Enough
Firefly/Serenity. A man can only hate himself for bein' accordin' to his nature for just so long before something has to give. 2600 words.

The Independent Groom
Firefly/Serenity. "Malcolm Reynolds was raised on a small ranch on the planet Shadow. His favorite pastimes were riding his horse and tormenting one of the indentured boys that worked there. The boy's name was Jayne, but Mal never called him that".
~10,000 words, slash.

Making Choices
Harry Potter post-HBP. Freedom is about making choices, Harry. Not having choices made for you. 1000 words.

Ties of Blood
Boondock Saints. The brothers discuss their calling over breakfast. 700 words.

What Has To Be Done
Stargate: SG-1. What had to be done, and what Jack wanted to do, had seldom been so much at odds. Slash, S8 tag. 1400 words.

Stand-Alone   (B:tVS/A:tS)

Factored In
Reality television will never be the same. 450 words.

Grief (or, Life on the Hellmouth)
Buffy POV, alternate starting point for Season 7; vignette. ~6K

Her Father's Daughter
400 words. Buffy learns a rather startling fact about Dawn. Post-"Chosen", AU-ish.

A:tS finale fic. Angel-- and Lorne-- gave up on a certain ex-lawyer a little too quickly. 800 words.

Willow POV after her first encounter with the First Evil; vignette. ~4K

900 words. Post 'Damage', Wesley reflects on the status of things at Wolfram & Hart.

Something New
Willow's "My Will Be Done" spell ensnares a certain rogue demon hunter.
AU. 600 words.

The Five Stages of Grief
Angel finale fic. The legends rise; the heroes fall. Of course, there's more to the story than that. ~15,000 words.

The New Seer (WIP)
What if Cordelia hadn't come back? Surely the PTB wouldn't leave their champion without a seer? Angel Season 4 AU.

This Will Do
A:tS finale fic. Illyria offers Wesley something more than a lie. 1100 words.

Watching Buffy
Drabble/ficlet series, detailing the foundation and formation of a relationship between Buffy Summers and Wesley Wyndham-Price. Challenge fic. 3050 words total.

Lesser Men series  (B:tVS/A:tS)

Lesser Men
To quote Roseveare: "It tells a story of Wesley and Jonathan, fathers and sons, coming back from the dark side, and prophecy and twisty time paradoxes." ~160K

Interlude 1: Old Mates
Giles makes a trip from L.A. to Sunnydale. ~13K.
Interlude 2: Moral Lessons
Giles arrives at the Magic Box. Anya gets him to make a wish. ~10K.
Interlude 3: Branching Out
Warren decides that he's in need of a little vengeance. ~11K.
Interlude 4: Second Chances
Cordelia does a little thinking, with the help of her resident ghost. ~11k.

From the Shadows
There's more to the mystery of Connor than anyone realizes; meanwhile, Wolfram & Hart is playing Hellmouthy games, and Faith arrives on Wesley's doorstep. ~259K.

They Also Serve
While the Slayer's in L.A., the Duo want to play. It's up to Xander, Giles, and the girls to figure out what's going on. ~255K.

Interlude 5: Toward Freedom
Ethan takes a moment out to breathe and reconnect. ~11K.
Interlude 6: Concerned Citizen
Officer Herrington finds Buffy's house in the Classifieds. ~11K.
Interlude 7: Want, Take, Have
Faith, Lilah, Cordelia: Ambushes and visions. ~13K.
Interlude 8: Watching Over
Giles, Wesley, Ethan: Actions and premonitions. ~13K.

Never Look Back (WIP)
"Then Shall the Chosen Make Their Choices Four". 18 chapters and growing.


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