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by Elsa

Rating: R

Fandom: Harry Potter

Category: Fantasy, Action/Adventure

Spoilers: Though GoF, AU

Disclaimer: Any recognisable characters belong to HRH J K Rowling, long may she reign (oh, and Warner owns them now, too). I am merely borrowing them for my own humble purposes and (it should go without saying) am making no money out of them.

Summary: Sequel to Taniwha. Draco is having the semi-traditional identity crisis. Rated R for adult situations (sorry - not sex)

Author's Note: Warning! Warning! This fanfic is from Draco's perspective. If you want to read Nice Things about Harry Potter then you'll have to read between the lines. (They are there, but Draco is hardly about to admit to anything good about ol' scarhead.)

Chapter Listing:

  1. Hot
  2. Warm
  3. "This Is My Husband"
  4. The Dream
  5. Cold War
  6. Others' Dreams
  7. The Dream Waking
  8. Cold
  9. Colder
  10. At Death's Door
  11. Death
  12. The Ice Man Cometh
  13. The Dream In Flight
  14. Epilogue

Completed June 2, 2003.

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