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Slayer Central

by M. Scott Eiland

Rating: PG-13

Fandoms: Buffy, Angel

Category: Varied.

Spoilers: Set after S7/S4 (post-"Chosen"), AU for Angel S5

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters--they belong to their creators and/or owners.

Summary: A loose "novel", in several parts. It all starts when Buffy comes to Angel with a plan ...

Individual Parts:

1.  Slayer Central
General. Buffy comes to Angel with a plan.

2.  Empty Glasses
Angst. Willow, Buffy and Faith are concerned about Xander, and ask someone to intervene with him.

3.  Damaged Goods
Drama/Angst. Faith confronts an old enemy.

4.  Loose Ends
Angst. Dawn goes to Angel with a problem.

5.  Learning Curve
General. Fred gives Buffy a crash course in using evil computers, and they discuss common interests.

6.  What He Does
General/Angst. Xander and Faith retrieve a suspicious new Slayer, and the confrontation brings about a long-delayed discussion between the two old acquaintances.

7.  The Centurions
General/Humor. Gunn and Giles tour the training area at Wolfram & Hart, and discuss the future.

8.  Fair Warning
General. It's Dawn's seventeenth birthday, and she marks the occasion by passing on a message to Xander--and delivering an ultimatum.

9.  Misdirection
Action/Adventure/Angst. A certain Englishman confronts the head of the Contracts Department at Wolfram & Hart and issues a challenge--which is accepted.

10. Familiar Patterns
General/Romance. Xander and Willow conduct a magical test, and make an unexpected discovery.

11. Out of the Blue
Drama/Action/Adventure. Angel brings in a familiar face to replace Lilah, and a new Slayer shakes up things at the Hyperion.

12. Requiem For the Fallen
Angst. Buffy dreams, and must confront Angel and settle old accounts.

13. Pulling Back the Curain
Angst/Humor. Fred, Gunn, and Wesley are called together to learn something that has been hidden from them.

14. All In
Angst/Romance. Buffy comes to some basic conclusions about her life and who she wants to spend it with, but may be too late.


Series Completed March 2, 2004.

Annotated version also available at the author's Yahoo group.

Leave Feedback for the author at: eilandesq @hotmail.com

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