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Chapter Ten: Seduction of the Snake

*** Warning: This chapter rated R for sexual content. ***

By the time Salazar had finished his potions and sat himself down at Snape's desk to admire his handiwork, he was feeling positively delighted with himself. Snape, by contrast, was at his lowest point yet since releasing his problematic ancestor from his silver prison. He had had a pretty good idea of what Slytherin was planning as they had stalked down to his dungeon work room, but it had not made it any easier to accept when he'd ultimately been proven right. Again.

Slytherin sighed with satisfaction and ran one of Snape's long, elegant fingers down one of two vials now sitting before him. The light green liquid inside the first one sparkled merrily as it caught the torchlight. "So, I guess we should let this one work for a few minutes before giving her the second one, don't you think?" he said conversationally as he glanced at the light purple liquid inside the second vile.

*Don't include me in this, Salazar,* Snape hissed.

Slytherin raised an eyebrow in surprise. "My. You're feeling awfully brave in there, aren't you, my boy?"

*You can do whatever you want to me,* Snape spat, suddenly brazen with indignant anger, *but I will not be associated in way with sexual assault.*

Slytherin visibly flinched. "Ouch! Easy there, my boy!" he said with a chuckle. "What I'm doing, I'm doing for Rowena's own good. Her stubborn sense of 'rightness' is going to land her in more hot water than simple pregnancy and lust potions ever will, I can assure you of that, son!"

While recognizing that his own past dictated that he really had no right to be bandying it about, Snape felt his stomach churn with Righteous Indignation. He liked Ravenclaw. There was something rather impertinent and defiant about her character that appealed to him. Considering how little he knew her, however, he thought it quite likely that it was actually Slytherin's own impression of her he was experiencing, but that did not dissuade him from wanting to at least try and prevent what he knew was coming.

*Salazar,* he tried to reason, *you have no right to do this. This decision is hers alone to make and she has made it with what certainly seems to me to be due consideration and thought.*

Slytherin was silent for a moment as he continued to look at the vials before him. "Have you ever been in love, Severus?" he finally asked quietly.

There was another awkward silence and Slytherin finally nodded knowingly. "I thought not," he said. "If you had been, you'd know that you do not sit idly by and let the person you love die unnecessarily."

*Salazar,* Snape said carefully, aware that he was now on very shaky ground, *Rowena Ravenclaw did die. Almost a thousand years ago. The woman you are planning on seducing is not her. It is Helena Ravenclaw. A woman with her own life and desires.*

The rage that suddenly coursed through Slytherin sent Snape scurrying for mental cover. "Enough!" he bellowed with such force the very walls of the dungeon shook, dislodging dust from the high ceiling above them. He leaned forward onto the desk, visibly trying to control his anger. He pulled in a few deep breaths and finally stood straight again, his shoulders visibly relaxing.

"Now, Severus, you know that I appreciate your input," he said patiently, "but I must insist, on this occasion, that you not interfere with what I must do. I don't want to silence you again, but I will, so let's maybe just have a little quiet time, shall we?"

With an obvious effort, Slytherin smiled merrily and grabbed the two vials from the desktop. He stuffed them in his pocket and turned cheerfully to the classroom door. "Now, let's go write a note telling your students that you've cancelled classes for the day. I think we should go fix up your rooms a bit before our company arrives this evening. We want to make a good impression!"

Knowing that his efforts to reason with the old Founder would likely be useless, Snape was forced to hope that Rowena Ravenclaw would not actually be stupid enough to accept an invitation to visit Slytherin's room alone.

That evening, Snape watched as Rowena Ravenclaw wandered around his apartments after having accepted an invitation to visit Slytherin's room alone. She would occasionally stop to examine something she found of particular interest with her eyes, but otherwise touched nothing.

"These quarters are not unlike the ones you had in our day, Salazar," she said. "You must share quite a bit in common with your descendant."

Slytherin smiled and moved over to stand in front of the small table near the fireplace that Snape used to house his collection of brandy bottles. "To some degree, yes," he answered smoothly as he poured a snifter of the dark brown liquid. "But I'd have to say we definitely disagree on a few things." As he spoke, Salazar reached into his pocket and pulled out the green-liquid vile, emptying it covertly into the glass. A quick glance over his shoulder confirmed that Rowena was still wandering the room with her back turned to him and the Founder grinned wickedly.

"Really?" she was saying. "I thought Slytherins never disagreed with one another."

Salazar snorted as he moved over to her and handed her the glass casually, not drawing attention to it. "I assume you're being sarcastic," he smiled smoothly.

Snape marvelled once again at how simple it had been for Slytherin to convince Ravenclaw to join him for a nightcap. A well-planned "accidental" meeting in the hall after breakfast had resulted in a heated discussion about the missing pendants, allowing Salazar the perfect opportunity to defensively inform her that, fine, if she was so eager to discuss their whereabouts, she could just come and see him that evening in his quarters and they could chat about it like adults. That is, if she was capable of acting like an adult. Apparently eager to prove her maturity, she had hotly agreed to the meeting and stalked away from Slytherin, her pretty nose in the air.

Snape had hoped she was too smart to fall for Slytherin's obvious seduction attempts, but apparently that had been too much to wish for. And she had been the Founder of the "Smart House", he had marvelled with disgust.

So now he was forced to watch and wait. Helpless as usual. He sighed heavily as he watched the stupid woman drink back the brandy laced with the potion designed to ensure that a pregnancy would result from any 'relations' she had in the next few hours. The entire glass was drained in one go.

"Now, about my pendant," Rowena said, handing back her empty glass to Slytherin.

He accepted it with a raised eyebrow. "I take it you're descendant likes brandy?" he asked, casually returning to the table to refill her glass.

"No," was her only reply as she once again conveniently turned her back on him.

Snape almost moaned with annoyance at how easy she was making this for Slytherin. The Founder was already pouring the lust potion into the glass by the time he spoke again. "Your pendant," he said, turning back to her with her new drink. "It's safe, you know."

Rowena scoffed, "Nothing is safe with you, Salazar," she said, taking the proffered drink from his hand.

*That's right!* Snape yelled internally. *Including you, you stupid woman!*

Slytherin suddenly lifted his eyebrow and sighed. "I wonder if you'd excuse me for a moment, Rowena?" he said, moving away from her.

Snape could feel his ancestor's annoyance as he stalked into the adjoining bedroom. "I told you to keep your mouth shut, Severus!" he hissed under his breath. "You evidently didn't think that I was being..."

Salazar's warning was cut short, however, as two slender hands suddenly appeared around his waist. Snape felt a warm body press up behind him and a small gasp escaped his lips. Slytherin's gasp, of course, but appropriate all the same. He found himself marvelling at how quickly the lust potion had worked before he felt his body being pulled around by those same lovely hands.

In what seemed like a few scant seconds, Rowena had managed to free Slytherin of much of his clothing, no small feat considering Snape's love of buttons, and was devouring every inch of exposed skin with impassioned nips and kisses. She stopped long enough to trace Snape's lips with her slender fingers. "These are beautiful," she whispered before shoving him roughly back onto the bed.

"Rowena, my dear. What's come over you?" Slytherin asked innocently, feigning great surprise.

Snape felt his mouth internally fall open as Rowena Ravenclaw looked him directly in the eye and whisked her robes off with a wave of her hand. She was truly stunning. *No!*, he chastised himself harshly. *She's here against her will! I will not enjoy this!*

Before he could muster another thought, however, Rowena was on top of him, pinning him down with her arms and legs.

Snape felt genuine surprise course through Slytherin as his eyes popped open. "My dear!" he breathed. "What has...?" His words were smothered by Rowena's eager lips as she crushed his mouth with hers.

Snape couldn't remember the last time he had felt the heat of passion coursing through his body like this and he was having a difficult time remembering that he shouldn't be liking it. *Focus,* he mumbled. *Polyjuice ingredients...think polyjuice ingredients...*

The warmth of Rowena's tongue forcing its way into his mouth all but undid Snape and he unconsciously held his breath, his thoughts now incoherent with passion . . . and guilt.

*Can't . . . enjoy . . . this . . .*, he struggled.

Slytherin, meanwhile, was not suffering from any such battle of conscience and grasped Rowena gently by the shoulders. He rolled her over and pulled her under him, his eyes flashing with lust. "I'm so happy you've finally come to your senses, my dear," he panted in her ear.

Rowena reached up and ran her hands up the exposed skin on Snape's back and the potions master moaned inwardly, his eyes suddenly out of focus and his head spinning. God, he thought, she was just so beautiful. He wanted to lean down and nibble her ear.

As if on cue, Slytherin leaned down and nibbled Rowena's ear, causing the woman to release a deep moan of her own. "Oh, Salazar. You never used to do that!" she exclaimed in surprise. "Is your descendant teaching you a few things in there?"

Slytherin pulled his head back for a moment and narrowed his eyes suspiciously. His moment of puzzlement did not last long, however, as he soon found himself drawn back down into a deep and passionate kiss.

Snape, however, felt himself pull away from what was happening around him, his mind suddenly alert. What had just happened there? Had Slytherin inadvertently responded to an order from him while distracted? His earlier plan suddenly took on a new level of possibility and Snape felt a flood of excitement course through him. He had to think about this after Slytherin was asleep!

Salazar abruptly pulled his head up and away from Rowena's mouth and furrowed his brow warily. Snape felt his ancestor's attention shift to him. "What are you...?" Once again, however, the words never left his mouth as Rowena suddenly grabbed Salazar around the shoulders and threw him over onto his side. She growled and was on him before he could respond. "My god, your a tall, dark brooding thing, aren't you?" she breathed and ran her hands hungrily down his pale chest. "You have got to be one of the sexiest men I've ever laid eyes on, do you know that?"

Snape felt himself taken aback. Was she talking to him or to Salazar? *She's under the influence,* he reminded himself again. *She doesn't know what she's saying.*

Hungrily, Rowena reached down and pulled Snape up into a sitting position as she straddled his lap. "Say something," she breathed into his ear. "I want to hear that voice say my name!"

*Oh, god,* Snape moaned. He wouldn't be able to take much more of this.

"Rowena, my love," Snape heard Slytherin say with his borrowed silky voice and he felt Rowena shudder on his lap.

Lost in the throes of his own passion, Salazar glanced briefly over his lover's shoulder and into the living room before burying his face into her luxurious hair.

Though Salazar may have been too lost in desire to notice what he had seen in the next room, Snape most certainly was not. Though feeling the light-headedness of passion himself, he had been aware enough of his surroundings to immediately notice the untouched glass of brandy that sat on the end table next to the sofa.

Snape gasped internally. *Wench!* he thought. *She didn't touch that lust potion! The saucy tart knows exactly what she's doing!*

Something snapped inside him at the realization that Rowena was here by choice, taunting him with her seductiveness. Snape growled internally, his heart beating wildly. *Throw her down!* he yelled inside his own head and Slytherin immediately obeyed.

Rowena's eyes opened wide with surprise as Salazar seized her hard and tossed her onto the bed, throwing himself unceremoniously on top of her. "Oh, yes!" she screamed. "Forget the gentleman crap! Take me now!"

Salazar happily complied and Snape went willingly along for the ride. After all, it was clear she knew what Salazar had been up to. She had freely downed the brandy with the pregnancy potion in it but had ignored the lust potion entirely. Something had obviously changed since that morning in the library as she plainly now intended to become pregnant. Well, that is to say that Helena was going to become pregnant.

Snape's mind stopped abruptly half-way through a deep kiss. Wait a minute. If Helena was going to be the mother of this child and not Rowena, then that meant that the father was not actually going to be Salazar. It was going to be . . .

*Stop! Stop! Stop!* Snape suddenly yelled at Salazar inside his head.

Alas, had he but thought of it even thirty seconds sooner.


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