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Chapter Ten: Seduction of the Snake

***(In summary, for those who do not wish to read the R-rated version)***

Slytherin decides the best way to prevent Rowena Ravenclaw from disappearing into oblivion is to seduce her and get her pregnant. After making two potions, one to ensure pregnancy and the other to induce uncontrollable lust in its victim, Salazar lures Rowena to Snape's rooms. Snape is highly offended by the whole thing and tries to dissuade him from carrying through with his plan, but to no avail.

Much to Snape's utter horror, Rowena quickly downs the brandy offered to her by Slytherin that contains the pregnancy potion and the two end up in his bedroom soon afterward. During the ensuing "passions", Snape discovers that while Slytherin is mentally occupied, he seems strangely able to influence his ancestor's movements.

While glancing back into the living room, Snape notices, much to his shock, that Rowena has not even touched the snifter of brandy that was laced with the lust potion. He quickly figures out that she knows exactly what she is doing. Something has obviously changed since the discussion in the library and she clearly now intends to become pregnant. The only problem is, Snape realizes a bit too late, the mother and father of this child are not actually going to be Ravenclaw and Slytherin. They are going to be Helena and Snape!


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