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A Tabby and Her Kit

by ubergrasshopper

Rating: PG

Fandom: Harry Potter

Category: Drama, Romance.

Spoilers: AU; Pre-Hogwarts

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize, from Privet Drive to the Burrow, belongs to the great J.K. Rowling. Anything you recognize that isn't from any of the books is probably from rotating fanfics, so take credit where it's due. Anything you absolutely don't recognize is mine. Lullaby is from *The Prince of Egypt* - "River Lullaby" sung by Amy Grant. Concept for binding spell from Tamora Pierce's *Woman Who Rides Like a Man*. Name of the inn mentioned later belongs to Tolkein. *The Cat in the Hat* belongs to the great Dr. Suess. Additional quote from *While You Were Sleeping*. Original concept for events in Chapter 17 comes courtesy of Daughter_of_Light.

Summary: Minerva stubbornly defies Dumbledore's command and rescues baby Harry Potter from his uncaring relatives. How will she handle raising him without the help of Hogwarts?

Chapter Listing:

  1. Rescued by a Lioness
  2. A Stronger Type of Love
  3. Ma'
  4. Of Work and Friendship
  5. To Poke a Lion in the Eye
  6. Binding by Love
  7. As the Years Go By
  8. Admitting Defeat
  9. Of Potential Changes
  10. A Child's Resolve
  11. The Downfall of Resentment
  12. Prodigal Son
  13. Reintroduction
  14. Still Got It
  15. Memories of the Heart
  16. On the Rocks
  17. Winter Antipathy
  18. Complications
  19. Salvaging the Past
  20. Yuletide at Home
  21. Plotting the Course
  22. Requesting Backup
  23. Lunacy's Companion
  24. Surrender
  25. Mission Failed Again
  26. An Inspired Event
  27. Nothing Personal
  28. Yielding to Greater Forces
  29. Epilogue

Completed January 10, 2004.

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