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Harry Potter and the Ankh of Khepri

by The Velvet Ghost

Rating: PG-13

Fandom: Harry Potter

Category: Action/Adventure, Humor

Spoilers: Though OotP, Set 7th Year.

Disclaimer: As always, I don't claim to own Harry Potter or any of the characters by JK Rowling, although some of the characters are my ideas (Jinx, the Galvez sisters) so ask my permission if you wanna use any of them.

Summary: A new Dark Arts mistress, mysterious attacks at night, lessons to kill, an Egyptian monster, and terrible dangers await Harry Potter in his seventh year. Sequel to "Harry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight."

Chapter Listing:

  1. Happy Birthday, Harry
  2. Crocodile Smile
  3. St. Mungo's, Third Floor
  4. Sweetness and Scrolls
  5. Harry's First Meeting
  6. Gringotts Gold
  7. Khepri
  8. Malfoy Manor
  9. The Welcome Feast
  10. Veela
  11. Guardians Know Best
  12. Alrister, Ivy, Trelawney
  13. Romeo and Juliet
  14. Blood Night
  15. The Lion and the Snake
  16. The Third Defiance
  17. Bearing Bad News
  1. Shattered
  2. The Gauntlet
  3. Christmas Cracker
  4. Potions, Practice, Problems
  5. Abracadabra
  6. Road Trip
  7. The Shani Theoris
  8. The Heir of Gryffindor
  9. Unlucky Lupin
  10. Poison Ivy
  11. The Double Crosser
  12. Judgement
  13. Looking Fate in the Eye
  14. Goodbye Hogwarts
  15. Mad Master Potter
  16. Thank You
  17. Epilogue

Completed February 11, 2004.

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