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This page last updated:
     January 13, 2016


Hi! Welcome to the homesite of Jedi Buttercup, fanwriter and denizen of the 'net.

The main purpose of this site is to serve as a host for my fan fiction. I have written approximately 1,922,621 words of fan fiction at last count, over a wide spectrum of TV, movie, book, webisode, and even game-based universes.

Approximately half that word count comes from crossovers, stories linking more than one fannish universe in hopefully believable and entertaining ways. It's sort of what I'm known for, in fact; I've been writing in fandom for more than 13 years now. :)

To read the stories, click on the link marked "Fiction", and feel free to review!

This site is very much under construction as of the last update; I sort of let it go mid-2009 when I discovered the Archive of Our Own, but I decided it's important to me to keep my own archive. So please don't mind the dust if you trip over any old pages; I'm working on adding more than five and a half years' worth of work!

If you have any comments, please let me know. Thanks!

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