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Updated January 7, 2010

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Fan Fiction: Reap the Whirlwind

Title: Reap the Whirlwind

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not. I claim nothing but the plot.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: B:tVS, DOOM, Firefly. "RRTS Special Ops Clearance Verified," the computerized voice called out. "Handle ID, Slayer."

Spoilers: B:tVS post-"Chosen"; DOOM (2005); Firefly; Serenity (2005).

Notes: UAC and Blue Sun may be separated by several centuries, but they have three things in common: they tried to make people better; their efforts backfired spectacularly; and Buffy and Reaper will be there to see them fall. Initial story first posted in 21 parts for a challenge; rewritten into a coherent whole in 2010.

Dr. Samantha (Sam) Grimm and John (Reaper) Grimm

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© 2010 Jedi Buttercup.