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Posted June 27, 2002

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Fan Fiction: Lesser Men

Title: Lesser Men

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: They're not mine. In fact, take them back, Joss, please? They've taken over my life!

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Canon.

Summary: Jonathan finds a direction. Wesley feels like a target.

Spoilers: Everything up to "Normal Again" (6:17) in B:tVS, crossover includes everything up to "Sleep Tight" (3:16) in A:tS.

Archive: Better Buffy Fiction Archive, my site; Others, just let me know!

Jonathan Levinson

Chapter Index:

  1. Farewell, Sunnydale
  2. Exit, Stage Left
  3. Passing in the Night
  4. Voices in the Dark
  5. Recognition
  6. Shades of the Past
  7. Divergent Paths
  8. Found
  9. Group Confrontation
  10. Recalling Pandora
  11. Where There's Smoke
  12. Finding Courage
  13. Coffee and Conversation
  14. An Angel's Wing
  15. Is That All?

Or, read the full story: Lesser Men (~26,700 words)


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