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Posted July 30, 2006

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Series: Watching Buffy

Title: Peace of Mind

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: All your Buffy and Angel are belong to Joss Whedon.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: She's not his Slayer any more, but Giles still protects her. 200 words.

Spoilers: Post B:tVS 7.22, "Chosen"; General A:tS S5

When the call came about Dana, Buffy, Wesley, Faith, and a significant majority of the others who had survived Sunnydale were deeply embroiled in the first serious demonic plot to open the Cleveland Hellmouth, and Giles chose not to bother them.

He'd been privy to Angel's initial long-distance attempt to wipe Wesley's memories of Connor a second time, to Wesley's futile attempts to find out what had happened to Angel's son, and to the fragile understanding growing between his colleague and his former charge. So when the moment came for a decision, he sent Andrew with several younger Slayers as backup and washed his hands of the fallout.

When the call came about Fred, circumstances were somewhat different. Buffy and Wesley were in Rome, overseeing negotiations with the Immortal regarding two young Slayers in the man's employ, but there were others who could have taken up their duties, and Willow's visit to the werewolf community in Tibet could easily have been interrupted. Still, having diverted the demands of former lovers of questionable intent upon his Slayer's peace of mind once already, Giles found it easy to do so again.

He informed Angel that Wolfram and Hart were on their own.


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© 2006 Jedi Buttercup.