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Links last verified and updated September 23, 2007.

Links: Fan Fiction Archives: Other Single-Fandom

I've listed here a number of fan fiction-based sites, both archive-style and personal, that I check back with on a semi-regular basis. Please let me know if you feel I've filed anything wrong, or if any of the links are broken.

P.S. Be sure you check ratings on what you read once you leave here. I don't write NC-17, but some of these people do; and the fic represented ranges from gen, to het, to slash. Read at your own discretion.

CSI Sites
CSI Forensics
Since I Met You
What Makes the Desert Beautiful

Due South Sites
due South Fiction Archive
Red Ships and Green Ships
Speranza's due South Stories

Highlander Sites
Crys' Scribblings
Highlander Fiction
Maygra's Musings
Strange Things Mystify
The Highlander Quill Club
The Seventh Dimension

Jane Austen Sites
Austen Interlude
The Derbyshire Writer's Guild
The Republic of Pemberley

Sentinel Sites
852 Prospect
Cascade Library
Francesca's TS Stories
Idol Pursuits
Starfox's Mansion
Susan's Stories
The Sentinel: Special Edition

X-Files Sites
IMTP Virtual Seasons
The Gossamer Project
The Hurricane Shelter -- Crossover AU
Miscellaneous Sites
The Archive
Black Pearl Tales
Decadent Disgrace
House Fanfiction Harchive
I-Man: the virtual seasons
The Less Than Legendary Journeys
Marvel FanFiction
The Pretender Virtual Series
The Sharpetorium
Survival Instinct
Weaver of Dreams
Dresden Files
Invisible Man
Marvel Comics
Pitch Black
Oded Fehr

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