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The Verges and Variations Cycle

by Iulia Linnea

Containing elements of angst, drama, and romance, the Verges and Variations Cycle is a novel in seven parts:

Good Enough to Be Getting on With, the first story, in which Snape and Harry work out the connection between themselves after a spell goes awry;

Getting to Know the Girl, a prequel to the first story, in which Draco has a secret which forces his hand when his father raises his against Harry;

Getting Over the Boy, which begins concurrently with the events of the second story before moving beyond them, in which Harry adjusts to her new position as the people in her life adjust to her;

Getting Letters in Public, an interlude between the third and fifth stories, in which Harry's final letters arrive and are distributed at the same time to all of the interested parties;

Getting Back to Normal, the fifth story, in which attempts are made at Hogwarts to restore the equilibrium disrupted by the war;

On Getting to the Perfection of One Flesh, the sixth story, in which Severus and Harry's relationship is on the verge of taking an ecstatic turn, but matters from the past and present interfere with its progress;

and Getting to the Heart of Wizard, the seventh story, in which Severus and Harry's happiness is threatened by various complications that could affect the entirety of the Wizarding World.

The primary pairing of the V.V.C. is S/H; however, there are myriad other pairings, both slash and het, and the cycle features several OCs. Please be aware that the V.V.C. takes place in an AU, contains OotP spoilers, and is rated PG-13 for adult themes, violence, and death.

The authoress would like to thank her beta readers, her husband and Minxy, as well as all of the reviewers who read the cycle as it developed on fanfiction.net and her lj, for their invaluable feedback; without their assistance, this novel could not have been written, and she is grateful that her reviewers enjoyed reading the V.V.C. as much as she enjoyed writing it. The authoress would also like to thank J.K. Rowling for creating such a rich universe with which to play, and wants it known that she means no infringement upon that excellent lady's rights.

The V.V.C. is dedicated to carrotlover, who has always been ready to lend an ear when others were closed.


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