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Posted September 9, 2009

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Series: Eureka Moments

Title: Shadow of Posterity

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the world is not. I claim nothing but the plot.

Rating: PG.

Summary: Seriously, how could Tess have ever imagined that the storycatcher project would go off without a hitch, Fargo or no Fargo? 400 words.

Spoilers: Eureka post-3.16 "You Don't Know Jack"

Notes: All gen this time; I had more thoughts about this ep, but I haven't had time to get to them.

Jack hadn't said anything to Tess when she'd been handing out the memory balls-- and didn't plan to, now that the storynest had been taken offline indefinitely-- but he'd had more than a few concerns about the entire memory-copying concept. He'd dragged his feet on utilizing his own for a reason, and he was quietly proud of Zoe for being practically the only other person in town to do likewise. His daughter may have claimed she simply didn't have an important enough memory to include, but after more than two years of living, playing, and dodging disasters in Eureka, he knew that had been more prevarication than genuine reason. He'd raised a smart, perceptive girl.

Seriously, how could Tess have ever imagined that the storycatcher project would go off without a hitch, Fargo or no Fargo? Jack might not understand half of what came out of the mouths of the scientists around him even on a good day, but he'd lived among them long enough to know that smarter did not mean wiser. Had she really planned on scanning through the entire database of recorded memories to make sure no one had included anything too classified, or overly personal? Who did she think was going to view the time capsule imagery, anyway, and exactly how far into the future?

From the little Jack had seen, the memories people had been including might have been useful for a scientific historian writing about the highlights of Global Dynamics' many disasters, or an anthropologist theorizing about the social interactions of a bunch of geniuses trapped in a pressure cooker environment together, but as far as actually preserving anything scientific for posterity? Right. Like anyone would have got "brilliant (if accident-prone and somewhat inclined to behave like a magpie) scientist" from Jo's shared dream of Fargo as a sword-wielding hero.

It hadn't been a total loss, though, he had to admit. Between Tess, who'd come through for him despite being as distracted by the shinier aspects of her science as any other G.D. employee; Zoe, grown up and responsible and rescuing her father rather than the other way around; Allison, still strong despite the vivid reminders of all her losses; and Jenna Stark, newest addition to Eureka, the women in his life had given him plenty to smile about.

He didn't need any fancy technological reminder to know just how thoroughly he'd been blessed.


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© 2009 Jedi Buttercup.