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Completed September 22, 2011

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Fan Fiction: Eureka Moments

Title: Eureka Moments

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not. I claim nothing but the plot.

Rating: PG-13 to R

Summary: B:tVS, A:tS. A series of fic tags for Eureka, written for challenges in the eureka_tag community.

Spoilers: EUReKA, Seasons 3 & 4.

Notes: Mostly very close to canon; but does include two non-canon "warm-up challenges", written during the gap between the seasons.

Jack Carter

Season 3 Index:

  1. Mission: Cheer Up My Dad
  2. Changing Tactics
  3. Ulterior Motives
  4. Not Like This
  5. Stages of Recovery
  6. Woman, Wondering
  7. Favoring Fire
  8. Coffee For Your Thoughts?
  9. Walking Catalyst
  10. All the Tools He Needs
  11. A Special Case
  12. Brothers and Sisters
  13. The More Things Change
  14. A Hand to Hold
  15. Beneath the Milky Twilight
  16. Gift of Light
  17. Shadow of Posterity
  18. Welcome Home
  19. The Full Truth

Warmup Challenges:

  1. On the Altar of Science
  2. The New Vacation Destination

Season 4 Index:

  1. Looking On Tempests
  2. Questions With No Good Answers
  3. Within The Bending Sickle's Compass
  4. Facing the Consequences
  5. Clearing the Air
  6. Dreaming of Softer Places
  7. What's Done Is Done
  8. We Lie Loudest When We Lie to Ourselves
  9. A Blessing In Each Trial
  10. Ho Ho Home Sweet Home
  11. Baby, The Skies'll Be Blue
  12. Where the Streets Have No Name
  13. Good Old-Fashioned Insight
  14. Equations of Motion
  15. Some Things Stay the Same
  16. Conquering Doubt
  17. Subtracting Himself From the Equation
  18. A Little Embarassment is Good for the Soul
  19. Love Bytes
  20. Bends in the Undergrowth

Henry Deacon


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© 2011 Jedi Buttercup.