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Posted May 8, 2007

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Fan Fiction: What He Deserved

Title: What He Deserved

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: All your Buffy and Angel are belong to Joss Whedon.

Rating: PG-13.

Summary: Post-NFA. It wasn't until it was all over that Spike realized just how much he'd wanted that bloody Prize. Double drabble.

Notes: For the btvsats_love challenge, "all it took".

It wasn't until after it was all over, as he stood over the kneeling form of his grandsire amid the decaying corpses of the Black Thorn army listening to the rush of a heartbeat in the great git's veins, that Spike realized just how much he'd actually wanted that bloody Prize.

Make me what I was, he'd asked the demon in the cave, so Buffy can get what she deserves. At the time, he hadn't argued with its decision to restore his soul but not his humanity; she'd needed his strength to back her up, and he was addicted to the thrill of the fight. But now? What with her free to finally live the normal life she'd always dreamed of, and he still a vampire, unable to join her in the light? Seemed only justice he'd get the cup, the girl, and ride off into the sunset as Angelus never could.

Funny thing, though; the Powers that ran Angel's world apparently thought renouncing the prophecy while in pursuit of Their goals was all it took for a vamp to earn his reward, no matter what else he'd done.

Spike turned from the spectacle and limped away without a word.


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© 2007 Jedi Buttercup.