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Fan Fiction

Last Updated June 10, 2016:
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Drabbles, Flashfic and Short Shorts: 1,000 Words or Less

Welcome to the Tiny Fiction collection, single fandom edition.

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Tiny Fiction  (Single Fandom)

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
Set Free (Dixie Cousins; 200 words)

Past the Point of Safe Return (AvP; Alexa Woods; 900 words)
A True Test of Skill (AvP: Prey (book); Dachande/Machiko; 800 words)

Angel: the Series
The Color of Mourning (Lilah; 700 words)
Loyalty (Lindsey; 800 words)
Reverberations (Wesley; 900 words)
the sweetest little song (Drusilla & Cordelia; 500 words)
What He Deserved (Spike; 200 words)

Boondock Saints
Ties of Blood (McManus brothers; 700 words)

Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Grief (or, Life on the Hellmouth) (Buffy; 1000 words)
Her Father's Daughter (Buffy & Dawn; 400 words)
A Little Support, Here (Buffy/Wes & Dawn; 800 words)
Restitution (Willow; 500 words)
Something New (Buffy/Wes; 600 words)

Dragon Prince Trilogy
Playing With Fire (Ianthe & Sioned; 600 words)

Falling Skies
Between the Skitters and the Deep Black Sky (Tom Mason; 500 words)
Raise Our Flags, Don Our Clothes (Tom Mason; 500 words)

Fast and the Furious (series)
push the button and go (Brian; 700 words)

All That Matters (Zoë & Mal; 200 words)
Down from the Door (Mal & River; 750 words)
once, in flight school, she was laconic (Zoë; 700 words)
Picture of Health (Mal & River; 1000 words)
Writ in Burnished Rows of Steel (Serenity crew; 500 words)

Harry Potter
Making Choices (Golden Trio + Ginny; 1000 words)

Data Quality Management (Alec Hardison; 500 words)
Their Exits and Their Entrances (Eliot & Hardison; 500 words)

Lord of the Rings
there make a garden (Eowyn & Arwen; 500 words)

Man With the Iron Fists
forging lady thorn (Chi Chi; 300 words)

Mission: Impossible (movies)
ninety-nine percent perspiration (Brandt; 500 words)

Now You See Me
the smartest girl in the room (Dylan & Alma; 300 words)

Olympus Has Fallen
The Efficacy of Poetry (Ben/Leah, Ben/Mike; 1000 words)
More Than Meets The Eye (Mike & Connor; 500 words)

Person of Interest
The Beginning is Now (Don't Turn Around) (Reese & Finch; 800 words)
Pattern Formation (The Machine; 600 words)
Redefining the Pattern (The Machine & Bear; 1000 words)
Something Indefinable, Springing (The Machine; 500 words)
Walking in the Dark (Reese & Finch; 1000 words)

Pirates of the Caribbean
Carrying Tales (James & Elizabeth; 1000 words)

He Knows Better (Peabody/Salt; 100 words)

Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis
The Food of Love (Sam/Teal'c; 900 words)
Intergalactic Penpals (Teyla & Teal'c; 600 words)
Interregna (Sam & Elizabeth; 1000 words)
Meeting of Minds (John/Elizabeth; 1000 words)
Nothing New Under the Sun (Jonas Quinn; 300 words)

Star Trek (Reboot)
Kindred (Spock & Kirk; 300 words)

Tin Man
First Advisor (Glitch; 200 words)

Transformers (Bayverse)
Respawn, Replay (Sam Witwicky; 800 words)

The Transporter (Movies)
no straightforward fairy tale (Frank & Valentina & Tarconi; 700 words)

Other (Misc.)
Factored In (Fear Factor; Buffy; 450 words)


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