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Posted June 27, 2006

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Fan Fiction: Minor Player

Title: Minor Player

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not. I claim nothing but the plot.

Rating: PG

Summary: B:tVS, SG-1. Walter opened the letter from his other employer with a pensive frown. Double drabble.

Spoilers: Post-"Chosen" B:tVS; sometime season 8/9-ish for SG-1.

Walter opened the letter from his other employer with a pensive frown. He hoped they hadn't changed their minds and replaced him; he'd just gotten used to juggling both sets of duties.

None of the Watcher's Council brass had really wanted him in the first place; they'd intended to insert a non-military mentor into Lt. Hailey's life, but as much time as she spent at the SGC-- nearly as much as Lt. Colonel Carter sometimes-- that hadn't been feasible. So they'd somehow located a list of personnel assigned to 'Area 52' and combed through it for anyone with even a tenuous Council connection. Walter had been the lucky candidate, courtesy of a distant English cousin.

Neither of his employers had any real idea what the other was up to, he was pretty sure; they wouldn't be able to resist sticking their fingers into each others' pies if they had any idea. Walter kind of liked it that way; he was starting to see the attraction in being a key, if minor, player in not only one, but two organizations that regularly saved the world.

Fortunately, it looked like his fears had been groundless. "Supplemental salary," Walter read aloud, and smiled.


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© 2006 Jedi Buttercup.