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Last Updated August 16, 2015:
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Drabbles, Flashfic and Short Shorts: 1,000 Words or Less

Welcome to the Tiny Fiction collection, B:tVS crossover edition.

If you don't see something here that you expected to see, check the Serials page; flashfic that ended up as part of a longer series may have been moved there. See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

Tiny Crossovers  (B:tVS)

Angel centered:
Sideshow (Constantine, 400 words)
Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (Clueless, 200 words)
Winner and Still Champion (Harry Potter, 750 words)

Anya centered:
Theft Report (Stargate SG-1, 750 words)
There Are Two Of Them (Stargate SG-1, 500 words)

Buffy centered:
Being Inside Joy (ST:TOS, 500 + 900 words)
Clean Up (Slither, 800 words)
Checking for Light Leaks (Eureka, 850 words)
Crackpot Theories (Heroes, 400 words)
The Death of a Slayer (Where The Heart Is, 850 words)
El Gato de São Paolo (The Rundown, 600 words)
Identity Theft (Stargate, 200 words)
Incompatible (Unbreakable, 400 words)
Jie Jie (Firefly, 750 words)
Just As Fast As She Can, Now (Transformers, 200 words)
Just The Way He Likes It (Riddick, 600 words)
Man in the Foundation (Bones, 400 words)
Mover and Shaker (Push, 1000 words)
Mr. Pointy (Firefly, 300 + 500 words)
Offensive Driving (Dukes of Hazzard, 500 words)
Oh Hell, You're One of Those (Men in Black, 1000 words)
Quick Ride to Crazytown (Transformers, 400 words)
Slow Thunder (Lord of the Rings, 700 words)
Technological Connections (Stargate SG-1, 200 words)
Temporal Anomaly (The Lake House, 200 words)
There Is Still Hope (Lord of the Rings, 200 words)
Undercover Jaffa (Stargate SG-1, 200 words)

Dawn centered:
Matching Stride for Stride (DOOM, 600 words)
Model Girl (Ice Princess, 500 + 600 words)
Objects in Space (ST:TNG, 1000 words)
Paper Legacy (Pride & Prejudice, 500 + 200 words)
Roadtrip Music (Stargate SG-1, 200 + 500 words)
Sudden Little Sister (Firefly, 200 words)
Trust Building Exercises (Stargate SG-1, 300 + 700 words)

Faith centered:
Linguistic Exchanges (ST:TNG, 400 words)
Requesting the Honor of Your Presence (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, 1000 words)

Giles centered:
Complicating the Process (Dracula 2000, 1000 words)
Inherited Business (Batman Begins, 850 words)
Passing in the Night (Boondock Saints, 200 words)
Scroll of the Ultimate (Bulletproof Monk, 500 words)

Illyria centered:
Delivery Confirmation (Harry Potter, 800 words)
The Heart That Fed (PotC:AWE, 200 words)
More Than Just Memories (Star Trek XI, 700 words)
saith the lord (Drive, 500 words)
Surface Seeming (Dresden Files, 600 words)
That Which Kills Us (Highlander, 600 words)
things worse than walls (Firefly, 1000 words)
Walking This World (Leverage, 200 words)

Joyce centered:
Jar of Dirt (PotC 2, 200 words)
Pain Halved (Stargate SG-1, 440 words)
Seeking Justice (Firefly, 200 words)

Lilah centered:
Attempted Acquisition (Stargate SG-1, 200 + 200 words)
Double Twisted Fast With Wire (Harry Potter, 900 words)
In Memoriam (Firefly, 200 words)

Lindsey centered:
And the Law Won (Firefly, 200 words)
Equitable Exchange (Harry Potter, 850 words)
Fugitive Apprehension (Eureka & Leverage, 200 words)
Turn of the Wheel (Firefly, 200 words)

Spike centered:
Do You Know What Your Sin Is? (Firefly, 200 words)
Headlights in the Dark (Fast and the Furious, 900 words)
More Things in Heaven and Earth (Star Trek: TOS, 800 words)
Unexpected Connections (Harry Potter, 750 + 1200 words)

Wesley centered:
The Day After the Apocalypse (TDAT, 1000 words)
Just Another Monday (Eureka, 900 words)
Lone Survivor (Stargate SG-1, 200 words)
Once More Into the Breach (Dr. Horrible, 450 words)
Trade Goods (Firefly, 200 words)

Willow centered:
Lost and Found (Harry Potter, 700 words)
Mistaken Identity (Stargate Atlantis, 200 words)

Xander centered:
Competing Duties (PotC 3, 200 words)
The Last Big Hurrah (X-Men, 900 words)
Watcher-in-Law (Stargate SG-1, 800 words)

Miscellaneous Buffyverse Characters:
Brave New World (Lord of the Rings; D'Hoffryn, 800 words)
Choosing for Herself (Transformers; Buffybot, 200 words)
Gazing Into the Abyss (Silmarillion; Drogyn, 500 words)
Golden-Eyed Girl (Stargate SG-1; Harmony, 300 words)
Interference Patterns (Stargate SG-1; Whistler, 200 words)
Just Folk Now (Firefly, Stargate SG-1; Various, 200 words)
The New Tutor (Oz; Harry Potter, 900 words)
Rookie Mistake (X-Men; Kendra, 200 words)
the mission is (what matters) (Stargate Atlantis; Robin, 200 words)

Other Characters:
Bittersweet Symphony (CSI; Sara Sidle, 200 words)
Countermeasure (GI Joe: Rise of Cobra; Duke, 750 words)
Minor Player (Stargate SG-1; Walter, 200 words)
One Mother, in All the World (T:SCC; Sarah Conner, 200 words)
Quis Custodiet (Grimm; Nick Burkhardt, 800 words)
Unnatural Condescension (Stargate SG-1; Sam Carter, 900 words)
A Woman's Work is Never Done (Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.; Katrina Schwenke, 1000 words)

Ten Things Entries:
Fifty Things that Never Happened to Buffy Summers (Various, 50 x 100 words)
Ten Passengers Serenity Never Had (Firefly, 10 x 100 words)
Ten Racers That Never Competed For The Prize (Drive, 10 x 100 words)
Slayers That Were Never Called (Various, 15 x 100 words)
Ten Visitors Arda Never Had (Lord of the Rings, 10 x 100 words)


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