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Posted November 9, 2006

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Fan Fiction: Mistaken Identity

Title: Mistaken Identity

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not. I claim nothing but the plot.

Rating: PG

Summary:B:tVS, Stargate. Willow learns a lesson about the power of names. Double drabble.

Notes: Set immediately post "Not Fade Away" in the Buffy/Angel-verse, sometime after the intro of a certain Major in the Stargate-verse (S7 SG-1 or S2 Atlantis, take your pick).

Willow frowned down at the images playing across the surface of the water filling her wooden mixing bowl. She'd been scrying for Angel's team by name, one by one, ever since the first reports of gas leaks and riots had started filtering out of Los Angeles. She'd gotten a blank every time, until she'd finally remembered their vocally-gifted demon friend, Lorne.

She had no idea where he was, but it wasn't Earth. There was something different about the sunlight and strangely colored trees and grass everywhere. He was running, too, fast enough the spell wouldn't properly focus, and there were other people-- demons, humans, she couldn't tell-- running with him.

A line of light streaked in from one side, and a section of grass exploded. Willow gasped, and decided there wasn't time to do the contact-and-ask-for-information song and dance; she reached with her magic through the binding power of name and image-- however blurred-- and pulled.

Energy rushed out of her, unexpectedly exhausting; then a man appeared in her kitchen, wearing military fatigues, with a startled expression on his face.

"Who are you?" he gasped. "And what have you done with my team?"

His nametag read "Lorne."

Willow winced. "Ooops?"


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© 2006 Jedi Buttercup.