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Highlander Crossovers
Best Laid Plans by Wajag
The Ancients put Immortals on Earth as part of a plan to prevent the Goa'uld from taking over the Earth. Time has a way of drifting all things from their original purpose.
• Archive Site: HL Fiction
• R | 99K | 2003-07-06
• Series: 1st of 5. See site for sequels.
• Crossover(s): Stargate SG-1, Highlander

Changing of the Guard by Ecolea
Methos' plans for a little Research and Recreation take a decidedly dangerous turn when the Air Force discovers he's an Immortal. Can he survive the present, confront his past, and save Earth's future all at the same time?
• Archive Site: The Stargate Novel Archive
• R | 271K | 2000-11-15
• Series: 1st of 5. (See site for others).
• Crossover(s): Highlander, Stargate SG-1

Death by Any Other Name by jebbypal
Methos books passage aboard Serenity.
• Archive Site: Firefly's Glow
• PG-13 | 99K | 2004-04-27
• Crossover(s): Firefly, Highlander

Encore Une Fois by Houses
Wes's life takes an interesting turn.
• Author's Site: Supernatural Blondes
• R | 32K | 2004-07-08
• Series: Sequel One Good Turn available on site.
• Crossover(s): A:tS, Highlander
• Pairing(s): Wesley/Illyria

The Five Thousand-Year-Old Man I & II by A.L. Cronin
Mulder and Scully encounter an Immortal while investigating a case of double decapitation.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• R | 83K | 1997-06-20
• Crossover(s): X-Files, Highlander
• Pairing(s): Mulder/Scully

HVP: Highlander vs. Predator by Shok Xone Studios
An invisible hunter is brutally slaying immortals all over New York City. Meanwhile, Duncan Macleod keeps sensing the presence of an immortal he's never felt before. Is there a connection? Furthermore, what does Methos know about it?
• Archive Site:
• R | 190K | 2001-10-04
• Crossover(s): Highlander, Predator
• Pairing(s): Duncan/Kate

On the Outside by Killashandra
In the author's words: "Odd little Trinity/Duncan scenario."
• Author's Site: Killa's Adventures in Melodrama
• PG | 20K | Date Unknown
• Crossover(s): The Matrix, Highlander

Princes of the Universe by D.L. Witherspoon
Jim's old friend Amanda pays a visit... and she's more trouble than Sandburg!
• Author's Site: TV Lit 101
• R | 68K | 1998-06-03
• Series: 1st of 2. See site for sequel, Who Wants to Live Forever?
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, Highlander
• Pairing(s): Jim/Amanda

Razorbeasts by MacNair
A chance encounter between dangerous men leaves BOTH of them wondering if they can let the other walk away alive ... and who would survive the confrontation if they can't.
• Archive Site: Daire's Fanfic Refuge
• PG-13 | 48K | 2003-November
• Crossover(s): X-Men, Highlander

Resurrections by Evermore
When Marcus Cole gave up his life to save his beloved Susan, he was not terribly surprised to awaken a few hours later. But now, he has to leave, in secret and quickly, but all he can think about is the past...
• Author's Site: Evermore's Archives
• PG-13 | 21K | 1998-Jan
• Crossover(s): Babylon 5, Highlander

The Road Not Travelled by Crys
Three separate universes converge on Voyager, bringing some familiar faces.
• Author's Site: Crys's Scribblings
• PG | 128K | 2001-08-26
• Crossover(s): X-Files, Highlander, ST:Voyager
• Pairing(s): Mulder/Scully

Who Watches the Watchers? by Kim Sefcik
Mulder, Scully and Chance Harper get caught up in the world of Immortals.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• PG | 188K | 1996-06-17
• Crossover(s): X-Files, Highlander, Strange Luck

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