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Other Crossovers
CSI Goes Deep by Arduinna
Written for Lorelei's 'Inappropriate Crossover Challenge'. It works best if you discover the other fandom as you go.
• Author's Site: Arduinna's Propylaeum
• PG | 16K | 2003-04-11
• Crossover(s): CSI, Other

Digital Descent by Beth Winters
Nightwing in a digital world remains himself.
• Author's Site: Beth's Miscellany
• PG-13 | 12K | 2003-07-25
• Crossover(s): Nightwing, The Matrix

Ekphugion by Shaye
Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started. - Greek proverb
• Archive Site: Multiverse 2005
• PG-13 | 64K | 2005
• Crossover(s): Vorkosigan, Battlestar Galactica (new)

Evidence by Camwyn
Maedhros and Maglor sneak into Eonwë's camp at the end of the War of Wrath- but the Silmarils are missing.
• Archive Site: Lord of the Rings Fanfiction
• PG | 40K | 2004-11-22
• Crossover(s): The Silmarillion, Discworld

The Gargantuan Garden by Yahtzee
When the Baudelaire orphans meet Edward Scissorhands, can any good come of it?
• Author's Site: Yahtzee's New Fic
• G | 20K | Date Unknown
• Crossover(s): Series of Unusual Events, Edward Scissorhands

Goodnight, Moon by Yahtzee
Written for the "Day After Tomorrow" challenge, questioning where all fandom's characters will be on the day the world ends. Joan has questions for God, but can she accept God's answer?
• Author's Site: Yahtzee's New Fic
• PG | 36K | Date Unknown
• Crossover(s): Joan of Arcadia, The Day After Tomorrow

Of Hearts, and Dragons, and Songs by Lady Grey
Ilúvatar is only one of the Maker's names.
• Archive Site: Silverlake
• G | 8K | Date Unknown
• Crossover(s): Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia

Origin Story by jjonahjameson
Spider-Man gets some help with his itchy suit and a costume designer gets a new career direction.
• Archive Site:
• PG | 20K | 2005-04-06
• Crossover(s): Spider-Man, The Incredibles

Sailor Hellblazer by David Tai and Rod M.
John Constantine is trying to protect his niece Gemma from becoming involved with magic, and ends up turned into a Sailor Scout himself in her place.
• Archive Site: Fonts of Wisdom
• Unrated | 160K | 1998-09-27
• Crossover(s): Hellblazer, Sailor Moon

Take a Long Line by Derry
Winchester isn't stupid. Dangerous, unpredictable and often reckless. But definitely not stupid. So there has to be a good reason that, knowing full well that he's on the FBI's radar, Dean Winchester brazenly walked into the Federal Building on Wilshire Boulevard to collect a passport under the pseudonym of Ronald Belford Scott.
• Archive Site: CalSci Library
• PG | 128K | 2007-08-25
• Crossover(s): Numb3rs, Supernatural

Tremors in the Force by Martie Benedict O'Brien
Set during Return of the Jedi. First appeared in I Don't Care What You Smell #5 1999. Winner of a Fan Q Award 1999.
• Archive Site: The Correllian Embassy
• PG | 14K | 2000-08-10
• Crossover(s): Star Wars, Tremors

Until The World Is Changed by fanged geranium
Celeborn takes a nostalgic walk around London on his way to the Grey Havens and finds a mysterious archway.
• Archive Site:
• PG | 20K | 2005-08-06
• Crossover(s): Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings


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