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Links: Stories: Non-Slash Sentinel
Sentinel Crossovers
Actualize This by Helena Handbasket
Jack and Daniel are forced to endure a weekend-long government team-building workshop.
• Archive Site:
• R | 203K | 2003-03-09
• Crossover(s): Stargate SG-1, The Sentinel, The Invisible Man

Allies by Yvonne McCool
SG-1 discovers Sentinels on a distant planet, and seek the help of the world's only known sentinel expert--Blair Sandburg.
• Author's Site: Flash Point Fiction
• PG | 111K | 1999-11-06
• Series: Allies. 1st of 2. (See site for sequel).
• Crossover(s): Stargate SG-1, The Sentinel

Distant Thunder by Arianna
Yet another TS-by-BS resolution story.
• Archive Site: Starfox's Mansion
• PG-13 | 303K | 2004-01-17
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1

Extradition by TAE
Jim has been kidnapped and Blair receives help from some unlikely visitors from Chicago.
• Author's Site: Serendipity Station
• R | 117K | 1998-02-13
• Series: 1st of 3. (See site for others).
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, due South

I Know Just What You Mean by Dean Warner
A hodgepodge group gets together in a Chicago bar to talk about friends, partners, heroes, and quests.
• Author's Site: Dean's Writing Nook
• PG | 40K | 2000-07-08
• Crossover(s): X-Files, The Sentinel, due South, Early Edition

Lovely by Martha
Daniel goes looking for peace in the aftermath of "Absolute Power" and "The Light." Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in The Most Dangerous City in America.
• Author's Site: Good Morning Sunshine
• PG-13 | 285K | 2003-07-13
• Crossover(s): Stargate SG-1, The Sentinel

Making a Life by Kathryn Andersen
The fallout after the press conference make Jim and Blair wonder if their life together in Cascade is over. (TSbyBS alternative ending)
• Author's Site: Kathryn Andersen's Fiction
• PG | 59K | 2001-11-02
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1

A New Path by Loui
After the events in "Upgrades", Jack finds himself having problems with his senses - and Daniel knows who to go to for help.
• Author's Site: Waystation: Fanfic
• PG | 139K | 2002-08-05
• Series: A New Path comprises 4 smaller fics.
• Crossover(s): Stargate SG-1, The Sentinel

Of Shadows and Demons by Mackie
Blair visits a dig near Sunnydale, but soon finds himself embroiled in a conflict literally to save the world from destruction.
• Archive Site: X-Over Fanfic Archive
• R | 243K | Date Unknown
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, B:tVS.

Our Unconquerable Soul by Sealie
A defining moment in the Sentinel/Guide relationship.
• Author's Site: The Sibilant Storybook
• PG-13 | 220K | 1998-05-09
• Series: 1st of 4 in Library Series (see site for others).
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, Poltergeist: the Legacy

The Path of Strangers by Olwyn Mitchell
Set a few months after TSBBS, Blair is now a cop. Some of the fallout is not quite what *anyone* expected. Least of all Blair or Jim...
• Author's Site: The Fanfic Zone
• PG-13 | 236K | 2001
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, The Champions

The Ridiculous and the Obscure by Besterette
Daniel Jackson's view of a colleague's actions.
• Author's Site: Besterette's Basement
• PG | 8K | 2000-07-04
• Crossover(s): Stargate SG-1, The Sentinel

The Scales of Justice by Lucy Hale
The trail of a killer leads Fraser and Kowalski to Cascade, where they learn a few new things about themselves.
• Author's Site: Lucy's Lair
• R | 172K | 2000-01-17
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, due South

Scavenger Hunt by D.L. Witherspoon
Jim and Blair are invited to join SG-1 on a high-stakes scavenger hunt. The only thing is, the Asgard haven't told them everything.
• Author's Site: TV Lit 101
• PG-13 | 141K | 2003-05-17
• Crossover(s): Stargate SG-1, The Sentinel

Sense No Evil by Lucy Hale
Bobby and Darien are sent to Cascade to do some fact finding.
• Author's Site: Lucy's Lair
• PG-13 | 106K | Date Unknown
• Crossover(s): The Invisible Man, The Sentinel

Sentinels by Sheila Paulsen
The SGC runs afoul of a Sentinel on another planet; Daniel calls in an old friend to resolve the situation.
• Archive Site: Cascade Library
• Unrated | 168K | Date Unknown
• Series: 1st of 3. (Sequels "The Limits of Trust" and "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" are much longer; see site).
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1

Someone To Watch Over Me by Laura Picken
Mulder and Scully travel to Cascade to investigate a murder with connections to a popular New Age band, and Mulder learns more about himself in the process than he ever bargained for.
• Archive Site: Cascade Library
• Unrated | 77K | 1997-09-02
• Series: 1st of 2. See site for sequel, Seige.
• Crossover(s): X-Files, The Sentinel

Temporary Insanity by Lucy Hale
A team of robbers is holding Cascade hostage with bombs. Enter the A-Team to help.
• Author's Site: Lucy's Lair
• PG-13 | 123K | Date Unknown
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, The A-Team

Verity by Kathryn Andersen
What have Jim's nightmares, Blair's nightmares, Alex Barnes, two creepy Feds, a terrorist gang led by a man called Morpheus, Naomi Sandburg, Blair's childhood bedtime stories, the legends of the Kombai Tree People, and a lady who bakes excellent cookies got in common? Just this: nothing is as it seems, and Everything You Know Is Wrong.
• Author's Site: Kathryn Andersen's Fiction
• PG-13 | 198K | 2002
• Crossover(s): The Sentinel, The Matrix

Womack and the Hands of Blue by Gil Hale
"He's been around the block, and likely beaten up everybody on it." But that's nothing to what he'll do to Blair!
• Author's Site: Gil Hale's Literary Leaflets
• Unrated | 87K | 2007-03-09
• Crossover(s): Firefly, The Sentinel

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