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X-Files Crossovers
Etched by Sean Smith
First place winner of 1995 Spooky Awards for Best Sci-Fi Story, Best Horror Story, Best Action-Adventure Story, and Most Carteresque Story.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• R | 368K | 1995-10-09
• Crossover(s): X-Files, Alien

The Five Thousand-Year-Old Man I & II by A.L. Cronin
Mulder and Scully encounter an Immortal while investigating a case of double decapitation.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• R | 83K | 1997-06-20
• Crossover(s): X-Files, Highlander
• Pairing(s): Mulder/Scully

Future Past Perfect by Spookykat
A time-traveler swaps souls with Scully to save Mulder from being killed on a case in South Carolina. 15 years in the future, Doggett checks out Area51.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• PG | 219K | 2002-03-17
• Crossover(s): X-Files, Quantum Leap
• Pairing(s): Mulder/Scully

Given Up by Yahtzee
In which an encounter with Xavier makes Scully doubt the most important decision she's ever made.
• Author's Site: Yahtzee's New Fic
• G | 20K | Date Unknown
• Crossover(s): X-Files, X-Men 2
• Pairing(s): Mulder/Scully

His Name is John by Scifinerdgrl
Reyes calls on the famous Maine psychic, Johnny Smith, to help solve the case of Luke Doggett's murder, and learns something about her own future.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• PG | 66K | 2004-10-17
• Crossover(s): X-Files, The Dead Zone
• Pairing(s): Monica/John

I Know Just What You Mean by Dean Warner
A hodgepodge group gets together in a Chicago bar to talk about friends, partners, heroes, and quests.
• Author's Site: Dean's Writing Nook
• PG | 40K | 2000-07-08
• Crossover(s): X-Files, The Sentinel, due South, Early Edition

Letonia by Cherry
Dana Scully's about to get a rather large shock about the world she lives in.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• PG-13 | 203K | 2001-08-26
• Series: 1st of 2. See site for sequel.
• Crossover(s): X-Files, X-Men.

The Road Not Travelled by Crys
Three separate universes converge on Voyager, bringing some familiar faces.
• Author's Site: Crys's Scribblings
• PG | 128K | 2001-08-26
• Crossover(s): X-Files, Highlander, Star Trek: Voyager
• Pairing(s): Mulder/Scully

Someone To Watch Over Me by Laura Picken
Mulder and Scully travel to Cascade to investigate a murder with connections to a popular New Age band, and Mulder learns more about himself in the process than he ever bargained for.
• Archive Site: Cascade Library
• Unrated | 77K | 1997-09-02
• Series: 1st of 2. See site for sequel, Seige.
• Crossover(s): X-Files, The Sentinel

Starkweather: Rex Tremendae by Scully 3776 & Spookykat
Our favorite x-file agents team up with Archaelogist Alan Grant and Mathemetician Ian Malcom to investigate Unigen's latest scientific endeavor. Dinosaurs running amok are the least of their problems.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• R | 739K | 2002-08-31
• Series: Part of the "Starkweather" saga (see site)
• Crossover(s): X-Files, Jurassic Park

Vesparys by Nynaeve
Two demons wreak havoc. Mulder and Scully chase down the X-File only to discover someone else knows a little something about this sort of unexplained phenomena.
• Archive Site: The Gossamer Project
• PG | 562K | 2000-12-15
• Crossover(s): X-Files, B:tVS, A:tS
• Pairing(s): Mulder/Scully

X-Files AUs
The Magician by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Jennifer Lyon
An investigation into the appearance of a bizarre creature in a lab at MIT is the portal into a fantastic alternate universe, where Mulder and Scully must save a world to save themselves and their new-found bond.
• Author's Site: The Magician
• NC-17 | 775K | 1996
• Series: 1st of 4. (See site for others).
• X-Files AU.
• Pairing(s): Mulder/Scully.

Draw Down the Moon by Jenna Tooms
A good man is not defeated by temptation. Can he be defeated by despair?
• Archive Site: The X-Files Most Unwanted
• NC-17 | 332K | 2002-09-28
• X-Files AU
• Pairing(s): Doggett/Scully.

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