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Last Updated Dec 1, 2013:
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Epic Series: The Fast and the NBTs

Welcome to the Fast and the NBTs series, a fusion-verse between the Fast and the Furious movies and the live-action Transformers movies. NBTs is short for Non-Biological Terrestrials (as opposed to Extraterrestrials).

(Or, that 'verse wherein Dom says, "You weren't kidding when you said 'change of camouflage', were you? Damn, O'Conner.")

Starts just before Fast Five and after the events of the first Transformers movie; continues through Fast Five and Revenge of the Fallen (so far). The series currently comprises 44,500 words, and is a continuous universe.

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The Fast and the NBTs Cover Art by Jedi Buttercup

Story Index:

  1. Waking the Beast
    (Post-Fast & Furious; Brian/Mia, Brian/Dom)

    Dom frowned, the lightness in his expression finally fading as his brows drew together. "What have you done to my car, O'Conner?" 6000 words.

  2. The Right of All Sentient Beings
    (Fast Five; Brian/Dom & Team)

    "En-bee-whats?" Vince objected. "Are you saying he was in some kind of government experiment?" 7000 words.

  3. Running Ain't Freedom
    (Post-Fast Five AU; Brian/Dom, Han/Gisele, Letty)

    It was her. She was thinner in a way that spoke of a long recovery, bones prominent in her face and at her wrists, but the woman in the black motorcycle leathers was definitely Leticia Ortiz. 9000 words.

  4. One Extortionist To Another
    (Post-Transformers; Sam Witwicky & Brian/Dom)

    O'Conner raised an eyebrow, then stood, holding out a bare hand for Sam to shake. "Sam Witwicky? I'm Brian O'Conner. This is my family: Dom, Jesse, and Mia." 2800 words.

  5. Put Your Funderwear On
    (Post-Fast Five & TF: Revenge of the Fallen; Luke Hobbs/Monica Fuentes)

    It had been two years since Toretto and O'Conner had left him laughing in their dust. It was about damned time someone gave him an answer. 17,500 words.

  6. An Energy Like No Other
    (Post-Fast Five & TF: Revenge of the Fallen; Ensemble)

    Brian stared out at the destruction marring what must have been a gorgeous stretch of natural forest, fingers tightening on Bestia's door handle. For a robot that championed peace, Optimus Prime was 4.3 metric tons of badass when he was angry. 3200 words.


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