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Short Stories: Less Than 10,000 Words

Welcome to the Short Stories collection, single fandom edition: TV show-based fan fiction.

If you don't see something here that should be, fic that ended up becoming part of a longer series may have been moved.

See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

Short Single Fandom Fiction

Cages of Their Own Making
A:tS. Spike and Illyria engage in a little contract negotiation with a pair of representatives from Wolfram and Hart. 2200 words.

Evidence of Things Unseen
SG Atlantis, S4. Nothing in the faith of Lorne's childhood had equipped him to deal with such challenges. 1200 words.

Fishing for Compliments
Firefly/Serenity. Simon screws up, and Kaylee gets a chance to see the softer side of Jayne. 2300 words.

In Others' Eyes
Firefly. River has, for as long as she can remember, been aware of her own uniqueness. 1250 words.

The Indomitable Picard
Star Trek: TNG. The day had been stressful enough already without ending it with a shouting match with Q. Slash; 1100 words.

Moving On
A:tS. Five gifts, five anniversaries, and one reclamation, Illyria-style.
1500 words, post-NFA.

Not One to Settle
Firefly/Serenity. Fourteen months after Miranda, things still aren't running smooth for the crew of Serenity. 2300 words.

Paved With Good Intentions
Drive. Alex wasn't crazy; he was hallucinating. There was a difference. 1200 words.

Retaking the Sky
Firefly AU. Mal might have been her first love, but Wash-- somehow when she wasn't looking, he'd wired himself right into her crucial decision-making trees. (A sentient ship & pilot story; 4400 words).

Road to Recovery
Tin Man. Real life was a whole lot messier than fairy tales ever accounted for.
2400 words.

Solid to the Touch
Stargate SG-1, Atlantis. Rodney introduces Sam to the Ancient version of a holodeck. 1800 words.

Soon Enough
Firefly/Serenity. A man can only hate himself for bein' accordin' to his nature for just so long before something has to give. 2600 words.

That Which Remains
Sanctuary, post-Revelations. They had been the only two of the Five still on familiar terms, still pursuing their original goals after all these years. 1600 words.

This Will Do
A:tS. Illyria offers Wesley something more than a lie. 1100 words.

To Light She Be Shown
Tin Man. Most of the people had stopped calling for Azkadellia's blood, much to Zero's amazement. Had none of them seen what he had? 2900 words.

Together, Not Alone
This was SG-1. 1100 words.

Trial or Error
Stargate: Atlantis. It occurred to Carson that what the Wraith that experimented on Teyla's ancestors had been trying to purposefully induce, may have accidentally manifested in Colonel Sheppard. 1400 words.

What Has To Be Done
Stargate: SG-1. What had to be done, and what Jack wanted to do, had seldom been so much at odds. Slash, S8 tag. 1400 words.


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