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Short Stories: Less Than 10,000 Words

Welcome to the Short Stories collection, single fandom edition: movie-based fan fiction.

If you don't see something here that should be, fic that ended up becoming part of a longer series may have been moved.

See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

Short Single Fandom Fiction

At Last
The Lake House. The two years spent waiting after Kate's last letter were the longest of Alex's life. 1300 words.

A Clock, Ticking
Equilibrium. A lifetime of Prozium had left him without the vocabulary for so many simple things. 2500 words. Mild slash.

Crossing the Finish Line
Death Race epilogue. He was going to enjoy what he'd been given, and what he'd snatched back from fate, as long as he could hold on to it. 2200 words, slash.

Horseshoe Nail
Push. He could Move anything now, he could feel it; and no other Mover alive could hope to stop him. AU movie ending, 1400 words.

Never Say We Die
PotC3. Ten years, three pirates, and one fate, entwined. 3 x 500 words.

Not-So-Mutinous Insurrection
DOOM Movieverse AU. The scents of powder, gun oil, human sweat, and spilled blood are everywhere around him. Not hell, then; and he's pretty sure heaven would be much cleaner. 4600 words, slash.

Right Where to Find You
National Treasure, post-BoS. All things considered, a little attempted murder between partners was nothing. 1400 words.

Work in Progress
Constantine. It was funny, John thought as he shook another piece of nicotine gum onto his palm, how things could change so much without really changing at all. 1200 words.


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